how much iron is required for 100 square feet

Cost to Paint Fence - 2018 Cost Calculator (Customizable) For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 125 square feet, the cost to Paint a Fence starts at $151 - $281 per square foot* Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, size options
Cement required per 1 Sqm Area - I am building 100 sq , Cement required for 900 sq feet rcc roofing How do i calculate the volume of a square room? If the volume of a rectangular box is 339 what is the length and width? Harry Level 1 (Contributor) , area is 100 sqft how much iron rod will need for the above work Comment Reply Report
60x100 Steel Building for Retail, Commercial or Industrial Use The average sized RHINO order is about 6,000 square feet— like a 60’ x 100’ metal building 60 x 100 Metal Building for Retail, Commercial, or Industrial Use While some individuals purchase buildings in this size rang, commercial and industrial clients account for most sales for 60’ x 100’ metal buildings
Drop Ceiling Grid And Materials Calculator - CSGNetwork This calculator is designed to give an approximate quantity for all materials needed for a drop ceiling installation While we assume regular dimensions, you can estimate irregular dimensions fairly well
How much steel required in 900 square feet slab? How much steel required in 900 square feet slab? Answer / prakash 1st conformer its residential building or commercial 15 to 20kg/sft and 35 to 40 kg/sft
How Much Compost Is Needed - Green Mountain Compost How Much Compost Do I Need? , square feet x inches of compost x 00031 = # of cubic yards needed To determine the number of bags: , How many square feet do you need to cover? How deep do you need your compost? (in inches) Compost Coverage Chart Depth Bags/100 sq ft Yards/1000 sq,
Mulch Calculator Use this calculator to figure out how much product you need to complete your project
How to Calculate Thinset Quantity | Hunker The square feet of the project is the biggest factor in how much thinset is needed Square Feet Square feet is calculated by measuring the length of the ,
How much Ton AC (Air Conditioner) required for Room if 25BTU/sq ft thn my office is 450 sq ft and so as 450*25 = 11250 BTU means i need 1 or 125 ton AC but i had 15 and its blew out due to not cutoff means not cop up with cooling, office sealed as well still, so i think there is some mistake in BTU/sq ft my office space 24000 BTU ie 37*12*8 feet
How Much Fertilizer? - preparetosurvivenow - Google Sites For example, if it is 10-10-10 fertilizer then it is 10 percent nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, so if one needs one pound of nitrogen per 1000 square feet, then one has to apply 10 pounds of this fertilizer per 1000 square feet to obtain this much nitrogen
What is the quantity of steel, cement, sand, and aggregate , What is the quantity of steel, cement, sand, and aggregate for 100 square feet? How much sand, cement, aggregate course, steel, and labour charge is required for 1075 square feet making of RCC roof? What is the quantity of steel, cement, sand, and aggregate required for a 1055 sq ft area of an RCC slab 5" thick?
fence - How can I estimate square footage of fencing for , Sprayers make the job much quicker and easier, however there will be a lot more waste Take the fence height X the length X two (sides) and you will have an apx of the square feet Example 4ft high X 100 feet long X 2 sides = 800 square feet 800/250= 32 gals
How Many Square Feet of Carpet Do I Need for a 10 by 10 , A room 10 feet long and 10 feet wide needs 100 square feet of carpeting to cover the floor It is common to add an extra 20 percent in case of unforeseen problems, bringing the total to 120 square feet To determine the amount of any floor covering, the area of the room must be determined For any .
How Much Room Do I Need for a Restaurant? | Bizfluent Planning Dining and Bar Space Space needed for the dining area depends on the type of restaurant, number of guests and seat turnover A moderate-price restaurant with 100 seats would need 12 to 14 feet per chair, while a fast food restaurant would only need 9 to 11 feet per chair
Office Space Calculator: Find out how much space you need , Browse office spaces, we get the best match Tours for your favourite spaces with our brokers We get the best deal and help you move in
Edible Landscaping: Grow $700 of Food in 100 Square Feet , Edible Landscaping: Grow $700 of Food in 100 Square Feet! , By paying with a credit card, you save an additional $5 and get 6 issues of MOTHER EARTH NEWS for only $1295 (USA only)
How To Change Your Soil's pH - Iowa State University Aluminum sulfate and iron sulfate react more quickly with the soil than elemental sulfur However, aluminum sulfate and iron sulfate must be applied at a 5 to 6 times greater rate Do not apply more than 5 pounds per 100 square feet of aluminum or iron sulfate at any one time
How Much Paint do I Need? Paint Calculator - Resene To work out how much paint is needed for your interior or exterior project use our paint calculator: If you know the 'Surface area' enter it in the 'Surface area' box below, then 'Spreading rate' and 'Number of coats', then click the 'Calculate' button
Coverage Charts - Kalamazoo Materials, Inc First, multiply 1000 x 250 to give you 250,000 square feet Divide 250,000 square feet by 70 square feet per ton, which gives you 35714 tons as the approximate quantity of 2”-4” rip rap needed ,
How Much Does a Fence Cost? - CostHelper Materials for a wrought iron-style fence made of steel or aluminum can cost $20-$100 or more a linear foot; a DIY 100' fence with a basic walk-in gate can cost $2,500-$11,000 or more With professional installation it can cost $30-$300 or more per foot, or $3,500-$35,000 for a 100' fence with a walk-through gate and other options
Square Footage Calculator | Better Homes & Gardens Square footage is an area calculated by square feet Our easy square foot calculator helps you get the answer in no time Simply input the measurements of your room into our easy square ,
 Calculator - Estimate the Bricks and Mortar Needed , Most mortar products require 1 bag of mortar per 100-142 bricks, depending on the size 1 bag of mortar will be needed for every 142 modular, 125 queen, or 100 utility bricks This estimate assumes using a mortar that needs to be mixed with 3 parts sand
How much steel is required per sq foot of any RCC , Estimate kg steel required for area 1500 sq ft roofing area How much rebar required for 1 steel in concrete slab? , - Quantum of iron rod required per square feet of lintel How many steel in 1000 sq ft slab? - Steel requirement for slab construction per squer feet
Estimating how much drywall I need to buy | The Home , The ceiling is 10' x 10' or an additional 100 square feet Sheets of drywall are either 4 x 8's (32 sf each) or 4 x 12's (48 sf each) If you add the 320 sf needed for walls and the 100 sf needed for ceilings, you get 420 sf of drywall needed
How to Determine Duct Size Per Room | Hunker Divide the number of vents by the amount of square footage in each room in your home You will need at least one vent in every room that is 100 square feet or smaller and two to three vents in every room that is larger than 100 square feet
Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) Publications - Articles , Divide that area by 150 to determine the square feet of attic ventilation needed Since manufacturers of static ventilation products rate their products in square inches of NFA, it will be necessary to multiply that value by 144 to determine the square inches required
4 Easy Ways to Calculate Linear Feet - wikiHow May 14, 2018· Edit Article How to Calculate Linear Feet In this Article: Article Summary Measuring Linear Feet in General Measuring Linear Feet for a Bookshelf Project Calculating Linear Feet for a Deck Project Using Specialized Linear Foot Calculators Community Q&A One of the most important parts of planning an upcoming construction or home improvement project is to determine how much material is needed
Concrete Slab: How Many Bags of Concrete Mix Do I Need? The tables below give you estimates for the number of 50- or 60-lb bags you need for concrete slabs of various siz Remember: Before beginning any excavation, call 811 to check for underground utiliti
2018 Roofing Calculator & Estimator | Roof Area, Pitch , As an example, if your overhang is 12 inches, you’ll add 2 feet to the overall length and 2 feet to the overall width of the house This nominal square footage amount is then multiplied by a factor associated with the roof’s pitch
How Much Restaurant Space Do You Really Need? If the restaurant space you are looking at has a seating capacity of 200 people or 2,400 square feet plus kitchen/serving areas, you are probably looking at a building north of 4,000 square feet ,